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The employee Jeff was very polite and explained clearly the work he would be performing to correct the problem with 3 types of bees under my overhangs and behind my facia boards. Less then 24 hour response time from when I contacted them an job completed.

John C.

Excellent job for a fair price, and honored the warranty quickly and effectively. We had a yellowjacket nest deep in the brickwork of the building. First attempt destroyed the nest and sealed off their entrance but left some stragglers that fled into the ceiling. Jeff came back and finished the job by fogging the ceiling and reapplying pesticides. At every step he explained the situation and exactly the steps that he was taking to deal with the problem. If I have pest issues again, Advantage Pest Control will be the first place I call.

Alex R.

Advantage was great. They responded quickly, scheduled my service ASAP. They were right on time and were very accommodating. Couldn't be happier.

Charles B.

They really saved our bacon! We had an infestation in a house we were selling from a family member's estate. They came quickly and do a fantastic job. They were very polite and courteous. I highly recommend them!

Craig L.

Everything delivered was as promised and Jeff handled everything. I'm now on the Seasonal Maintenance Program to combat all the bugs and critters that refuse to leave my house alone!!

Joseph R.

Thrilled - in less than a day I can already see fantastic results. No more wild kingdom in our house. Thank you, Jeff and company!

Kate T.

Highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and great service. We're able to start our summer off with some peace of mind and enjoy our backyard.

Felicia F.

Great guy quick service at a good price. Had a hard time with some yellow jackets and was really hesitant about calling in the professionals but am glad I did.

Nathaniel F.

Love, love, love these guys! Very easy to deal with, professional and do a great job. Highly recommend.

Lisa V.

Great company with great people and great service! Highly recommended!

Matt P.

We were having an issue with mice in our car. They came out the same day we called. They were extremely nice, professional, and knowledgeable. They were very thorough...we couldn't be more pleased. Would definitely recommend!

Kate V.