Bed BUG Elimination services for total peace of mind

Advantage Pest Control offers premier bed bug elimination services. From residential complexes and homes to commercial office spaces, hotels, schools, buses, airplanes, and more. In addition to the elimination aspect, we also provide inspections & preventative maintenance services. We custom tailor a plan that suits the needs of your home or business.


​Advantage Pest Control uses a comprehensive system using the combination of chemicals and steam heat to completely eliminate all stages of bed bugs from eggs to adults. The most valuable aspect of the system we use, especially for commercial locations like hotels and aircraft, that we are able to offer minimal downtime. Are you tired of taking one or more of your rooms out of service for 24 hours, or worse, several days? Using our system, we are able to have your room back up and running in just 4 hours. Stop losing money to bed bug programs that put your rooms out of commission for days, or weeks! The combination of steam heat which kills all life stages including eggs, and the residual of the chemical to prevent any new infestations is guaranteed to have your space back up and running in no time!​

Hotels are a hotspot for bed bug activity because of the nature of bed bugs. They are great hitchikers and can be found on your clothes, or in your luggage. It is highly recommended that you do not try to take on this incredibly difficult pest on your own. Doing so may only spread the problem, cause the bed bugs to build a resistance to pesticides, and may cause yourself bodily harm.

The system we have designed is both effective and economical. It is safer than gas heat and more effective than just chemicals alone. We have very competitive pricing in this market and will beat any written estimate from a competitor for any bed bug job out there. Our work is guaranteed and you will not be disappointed with the results. Our work speaks for itself!

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